Indecor Inc.


Integrate style, light, and energy savings

We offer horizontal and vertical blinds: mini-blinds, metal or vinyl, solid or perforated, from the best manufacturers – Hunter Douglas, and Levolor. You can have a manual or motorized window shade system that we customize for you from components made by the best in the industry – Lutron, MechoShade, QMotion, Hunter Douglas, and Draper. Automated operation integrating with light sensors, HVAC, lighting, audiovisual, and building automation is available. Bring down the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) with advanced (yet very handsome) shading fabrics. Environmentally certified materials sweeten the offerings.

Custom drapery fabrications for all corporate and commercial interiors

Our timeliness, see technical expertise, and many years of experience in the industry ensure that each and every job is handled professionally and optimally. Our seamstresses have over 25 years commercial stitching experience creating top caliber products. Production supervisors utilize detailed technical interpretation to translate client concepts and standards into high quality window treatments, offering the industry’s finest fabrics and materials.


Advanced healthcare systems: curtains,  IV track, motorized systems, and more

Indecor provides materials that conform to hospital and healthcare design requirements and meet the rigid NFPA 701, advice ANSI, and ASTM standards. Smooth rolling operation, privacy, cleanliness, durability, and easy maintenance add up to a quality installation. Indecor has been ahead of the curve, providing colorful and durable fabrics that complement the interior palettes of high profile medical facilities for decades. Our seamstresses fabricate each panel with the experience necessary to ensure long-lasting quality.

Open mesh headings on privacy curtains permit air circulation to maintain uniform space temperature and humidity levels that are consistent with healthcare needs.

Track assemblies and roller glides provide convenient operation with minimal component hang-ups. Gently curved tracks with quality carriers allow ease of motion while providing the necessary modesty quickly. Curtains can be easily removed for cleaning and rehanging.

Indecor has experience providing low voltage and line voltage motorized shading systems in numerous commercial settings. This is an exciting time as new applications and operating features are hitting the market all the time:

-Automated direct digital controls

-Networked applications interconnected with building HVAC, lighting, and AV management systems (BAS/BMS)

-Sun sensor tracking systems control features

-Wireless controls and programming

Take the guesswork out of automated operations with advanced programming to adjust shade deployment based on the seasonal angle of the sun, time of day, and current state of sunshine or shadow.

Silent and efficient tubular motors quietly and unobtrusively move the shades. Bring down the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) with advanced (yet very handsome) shading fabrics. Environmentally certified materials sweeten the offerings. Combined with your presets and manual overrides to perform maintenance and window washing, you will enjoy headache-free operations for years to come.