Low voltage and line voltage motorized systems — and all corporate window needs — are an Indecor stronghold

Motorized Systems – Integrate style, light, and energy savings

Indecor has experience providing low voltage and line voltage motorized shading systems in numerous commercial settings. This is an exciting time as new applications and operating features are hitting the market all the time:

  • Automated direct digital controls
  • Networked applications interconnected with building HVAC, lighting, and AV management systems (BAS/BMS)
  • Sun sensor tracking systems control features
  • Wireless controls and programming

Take the guesswork out of automated operations with advanced programming to adjust shade deployment based on the seasonal angle of the sun, time of day, and current state of sunshine or shadow.

Silent and efficient tubular motors quietly and unobtrusively move the shades. Bring down the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) with advanced (yet very handsome) shading fabrics. Environmentally certified materials sweeten the offerings. Combined with your presets and manual overrides to perform maintenance and window washing, you will enjoy headache-free operations for years to come.




The sky is the limit!
Skylights, horizontal, inclined, or odd-shaped windows? No problem. Massive/colossal windows? The solution is at hand with our energy-efficient shading systems. Want to heighten your company identity or advertise a service or product? Graphic shades are the answer.

How can we assist?

Our experienced project managers will work with you to create the perfect fabrication and installation solution for your new construction or remodeling project. Whether your need is softly filtered and diffused light, privacy, light control, energy savings, projection surfaces, or something extraordinary, the specialist we dedicate to you will partner with you, your designer, and architect to expertly review your needs, specifications, and budget. Your need will be matched to a top quality product from the finest brands available such as Draper, Lutron, MechoShade, Nysan, and Springs Window Fashions.

Call us at 773-561-7670, and one of our specialists will assist you.