Blinds and Shades – Integrate style, light, and energy savings

We offer horizontal and vertical blinds: mini-blinds, metal or vinyl, solid or perforated, from the best manufacturers – Hunter Douglas, and Levolor. You can have a manual or motorized window shade system that we customize for you from components made by the best in the industry – Lutron, MechoShade, QMotion, Hunter Douglas, and Draper. Automated operation integrating with light sensors, HVAC, lighting, audiovisual, and building automation is available. Bring down the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) with advanced (yet very handsome) shading fabrics. Environmentally certified materials sweeten the offerings.

Blinds Here are some of the types of blinds we offer. Contact us to learn more about our custom solutions for your business.

1Mini Blinds
Simple, economical, and colorful with a variety of looks available. Metal, vinyl, perforated.
2Faux Wood Blinds
Upscale, versatile, and handsome. Give custom warmth to any window opening.
3Vertical Blinds
Stylish treatments. Customize for floor-to-ceiling windows and door openings.
4Matching Valance
Complete the look with coordinated valance treatment.

Shades Here are some of the types of shades we offer. Contact us to learn more about our custom solutions for your business.

5Solar Shades
Simple and sophisticated aesthetic appeal. Great bang for the buck!
6Window Shadings
Low voltage and line voltage motorized drives. Couple together for entire wall operation from a single switch.
7 Honeycomb Shades
Styles, colors, and treatments to fit every interior design look — opaque, translucent, and blackout.
8Custom Installations
Concealed pockets, matching fascia, and wood trims to fit your room décor.

How can we assist?

Our experienced project managers will work with you to create the perfect fabrication and installation solution for your new construction or remodeling project. Whether your need is softly filtered and diffused light, privacy, light control, energy savings, projection surfaces, or something extraordinary, the specialist we dedicate to you will partner with you, your designer, and architect to expertly review your needs, specifications, and budget. Your need will be matched to a top quality product from the finest brands available such as Draper, Lutron, MechoShade, Nysan, and Springs Window Fashions.

Call us at 773-561-7670, and one of our specialists will assist you.